Board & Committees

Joint Powers Board

Chairperson - 

Vice-Chairperson -

Secretary - 

Policy Committee

Chairperson - Nancy Dunnell, LOW SWCD

Vice-Chairperson - Jan Miller, Roseau SWCD

Secretary - Ed Arnesen, LOW County

Russell Walker, Roseau County

Bill Thompson, Warroad River Watershed District

The primary role of the Policy Committee is to make final decisions about the content of the plan and its approval and submittal tothe Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).

Advisory Committee

Kayla Bowe - Red Lake DNR for Red Lake Nation

Annette Drewes - MN DNR - Ecological & Water Resources

Tim Erickson - LOW County - Public Works Director

Cary Hernandez - MPCA - Project Watershed Mgmt

Mike Hirst - LOW SWCD

Jeff Hrubes - BWSR - Clean Water Specialist

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Brian Ketring - Roseau County Highway Dept

Ryan Lemickson - MDA - Fertilizer Technical Advisor

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Todd Miller - Roseau County Landowner

Nick Painovich - LOW County Resort Owner

Norvel Parsley - Roseau County Landowner

Chris Parthun - MN Dept of Health - Principle Planner

Jeff Pelowski - Roseau County - Environmental Services

Chad Severts - BWSR - Board Conservationist

Josh Stromlund - LOW County/SWCD - SWCD / Land & Water Planning Director

Dan Trosen - Warroad City Superintendent


Membership on the Advisory Committee consist of members from the Implementation Committee, other local government staff, the state's main water agencies and/or plan review agencies, the general public, trade organization, nonprofit organizations and special interest groups. Leaders within the local community are valued members of the Advisory Committee.

Implementation Committee

Mike Hirst - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Corryn Trask - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Josh Stromlund - Lake of the Woods SWCD/County

Brian Ketring - Roseau County Highway Dept.

Scott Johnson - Roseau County SWCD

Janine Lovold - Roseau County SWCD

HEI - for Warroad River Watershed District

The IC is comprised of local staff, local water planners, local SWCD staff, and contractor staff for the purposes of logistical and day-to-day decision-making in the plan execution process.