Board & Committees

Joint Powers Board

Chair - Nancy Dunnell

Vice-Chair - Jan Miller

Treasurer - Ed Arnesen

Secretary - Russell Walker

Advisory Committee

Kayla Bowe - Red Lake DNR for Red Lake Nation

Annette Drewes - MN DNR - Ecological & Water Resources

Tim Erickson - LOW County - Public Works Director

Cary Hernandez - MPCA - Project Watershed Mgmt

Mike Hirst - LOW SWCD

Jeff Hrubes - BWSR - Clean Water Specialist

Scott Johnson - Roseau SWCD

Brian Ketring - Roseau County Highway Dept

Ryan Lemickson - MDA - Fertilizer Technical Advisor

Janine Lovold - Roseau SWCD

Todd Miller - Roseau County Landowner

Nick Painovich - LOW County Resort Owner

Norvel Parsley - Roseau County Landowner

Chris Parthun - MN Dept of Health - Principle Planner

Jeff Pelowski - Roseau County - Environmental Services

Chad Severts - BWSR - Board Conservationist

Josh Stromlund - LOW County/SWCD - SWCD / Land & Water Planning Director

Dan Trosen - Warroad City Superintendent


Membership on the Advisory Committee consist of members from the Implementation Committee, other local government staff, the state's main water agencies and/or plan review agencies, the general public, trade organization, nonprofit organizations and special interest groups. Leaders within the local community are valued members of the Advisory Committee.

Implementation Committee

Mike Hirst - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Corryn Trask - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Josh Stromlund - Lake of the Woods SWCD/County

Brian Ketring - Roseau County Highway Dept.

Scott Johnson - Roseau County SWCD

Janine Lovold - Roseau County SWCD

HEI - for Warroad River Watershed District

The IC is comprised of local staff, local water planners, local SWCD staff, and contractor staff for the purposes of logistical and day-to-day decision-making in the plan execution process.